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Women's Champions Board


The Women's Champions Board

1934: Mrs W C Kirkland
1935: Mrs G Cairns
1936: Mrs W Wilson
1937: Mrs J Park
1938: Mrs A M Thomson
1939: Mrs D Mcneill
1940: Mrs Am Thomson
1941: Mrs H Tyson
1942: Mrs Wm Campbell
1943: Mrs W C Kirkland
1944: Mrs W Ferrier
1945: Mrs H Tyson
1946: Mrs S Mather
1947: Mrs H Tyson
1948: Mrs J V Shearer
1949: Mrs S Mather
1950: Mrs A Hoey
1951: Mrs A Hoey
1952: I Tyson
1953: Mrs H Mcmaster
1954: Mrs H Mcmaster
1955: Mrs H Mcmaster
1956: Mrs H Mcmaster
1957: I Tyson
1958: Mrs A Hoey
1959: Il Cameron
1960: Mrs H Mcmaster
1961: Rita Thompson
1962: Mrs G Mundell
1963: Rita Thompson
1964: Mrs H Hood

1965: Rena Brown
1966: Agnes Hillhouse
1967: Sheila Dallas
1968: Sheila Dallas
1969: Hannah Skillen
1970: Hannah Skillen
1971: Mary Young
1972: Jean Bryson
1973: Sheila Dallas
1974: Rena Brown
1975: Sheila Dallas
1976: Betty Wotherspoon
1977: Mrs J Neil
1978: Betty Wotherspoon
1979: Mrs J Neil
1980: Hannah Skillen
1981: Jetta Forrest
1982: Hannah Skillen
1983: Betty Wotherspoon
1984: Rita Carningham
1985: Mabel E Robertson
1986: Evelyn G McInnes
1987: Elizabeth Gibson
1988: Rita Carningham
1989: Jan Woodley
1990: Theresa Matthews
1991: Jan Woodley
1992: Jan Woodley
1993: Evelyn G McInnes

1994: Theresa Matthews
1995: Betty Duckett
1996: Betty Duckett
1997: Betty Duckett
1998: Helen Stevenson
1999: Theresa Matthews
2000: Betty Duckett
2001: Betty Duckett
2002: Christine Latta
2003: Mary W Hamilton
2004: Theresa Matthews
2005: Helen Stevenson
2006: Helen Stevenson
2007: Theresa Matthews
2008: Betty Duckett
2009: Betty Duckett
2010: Betty Duckett
2011: Betty Duckett
2012: Betty Duckett
2013: Betty Duckett
2014: Mary W Hamilton
2015: Betty Duckett
2016: Betty Duckett
2017: Betty Duckett
2018: Betty Duckett
2019: Betty Duckett
2021: Betty Duckett
2022: Kathleen Kelsey
2023: Betty Duckett



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